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The more balanced you’re able to keep outside-of-the-studio life, the better you can focus on your music.  You’ll have access to a personal office space.  Bring a laptop, connect into the studio’s client-only, private WiFi network, respond to emails or texts, charge your phone, grab some coffee or tea – t’s your on-location business center while at the studio.


Machine Room Studio offers a comfortable and acoustically balanced space that fosters creativity.

Pro-level instruments and amps are here for you to use to find inspiration.  Along with an extensive mic locker and outboard gear, I can definitely help you create something cool.  There are also some of the most advanced digital tools to capture the best of your performances. I offer you the experience and patience to capture it just as you want it to sound.

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At Machine Room Studio, my goal is to “serve the song” and share your vision of success for your music.

I take great care and patience to make sure your music, or other recorded audio, is professionally balanced, processed, and mixed.  And I’m happy to have you attend one or more of the mix sessions so you can be as involved in the process as you choose.  I will work overtime to serve your music.

Simply fill out the contact form, and I’ll quickly respond to help get you started.


Open up to new ideas and perspectives! I have over 25 years of studio and performance experience.
Partner with me to see how a fresh perspective can offer new potential in your writing.  Get in touch so I can help you make that happen.



Every space has it’s own “character” – a sonic quality that makes it unique.  Let’s record in the space that inspires your best performance!

The Machine Room® Mobile Studio brings the highest quality digital recording to you:

Windows 10 Laptop (600GB HD)

U-Phoria UMC 1820 HD audio interface (18 channels in/20 channels out)

Our entire Mic Closet inventory at your disposal

4-Channel Headphone amplifier & studio headphones

Mogami mic cables, DR Mic stands, portable vocal booth and isolation panels

Contact us to set up an appointment at your location!

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Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to the studio.  But these days, it’s not mandatory for a recording project. I can compose & produce tracks for your project, whether you need a grooving bass line, a piano fill – or even an entire backing band.

i-qRMV5gm-XLOnce completed, you’ll receive your audio files in the sample rate and format of your choice. The files you receive will be ready to import into your pre-existing project.

For details on the process, click here.  Or start by filling out the project contact form.



I strive to keep my pricing fair and affordable. Hourly & daily rates are listed below. However, most projects are spread across several partial and/or full days in the studio. I want to sit down with everyone involved to discuss your specific project’s details to create an affordable budget with a FLAT FEE so you’re focused on your work, not the clock.


Full Day (10 hours max.^): $650.00 – save $50 by booking this block!
Half-Day (6 hours max.^):  $370.00 – save $50 by booking this block!
Hourly (3 hour min. ^): $70.00 per hour

^Load-in/out and setup time are part of the scheduled session hours. Session times begin upon client’s scheduled arrival time to the studio.

Mobile (off-site) Recording:

Rates as listed above, plus hourly rate for one-way travel time to the session (no charge for return)


$65.00 per hour


$65.00 per hour

*Audio Production Training (one-on-one; on-site):

$250.00 (per 2-hour session)

*Group Training (2-10 ppl; on-site):

$150.00 (per person/per 2-hour session)

Training Off-Site (individual or group):

Please contact me

*I offer custom training specific to your requirements; contact me to design a program.

Deposit equal to 50% of project invoice is required at the time of booking to secure your session time. The balance is due on OR before the start time of your first scheduled session date.

I accept cash, PayPal, or Venmo as payment options for all clients. I do not accept credit cards or personal checks.

I will gladly apply all unused session time to your next session.

Cancellations must be requested in writing 30 days in advance of your scheduled start date/time to ensure a refund.

Now you can focus on creating something really cool  So, how can I help you?

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